What They’re Saying

Dr. Agnivesh Tikoo - Thank you for being the dedicated & compassionate doctor that u are . In my case u always go beyond & work tirelessly towards my treatment. I feel blessed 🙏🏻

Naveen Sharma

My words are not enough to explain about my doctor Dr. Agnivesh Tikko. His expertise, approach and treatment is just awesome. I had cervical pain and many doctors just didn't help me out but at Apollo Dr. Agnivesh Tikko was very clear at first appointment only. In few months after successful surgery I started feeling well and was back to my life and routine. His after surgery handholding was also great that he cares about his peteint. His support to peteint is really awesome. Just three words for him "GOD LIKE DOCTOR" OR I SAY "GOD FOR ME". THANK YOU VERY MUCH DR. AGNIVESH TIKKO. UHID AT APOLLO HOSPITAL= ANM1000425405

Meenal Patil

I can't say enough about my experiences with Dr Tikoo. Over the years, I have visited him for seeking medical attention for my spine issues and his advice and medications have always benefited me. He is very meticulous in his approach and explains the problem in a lucid manner which really comforts the patient. I will certainly recommend him to anyone seeking medical advice for spine related problems. Wish you all the best Dr Tikoo
God bless him!

Harish Jere

Very humble and empathetic. Even in difficult times of today his support provided is immense and beyond words. An encouraging person with more respect towards him due to his behaviour. Diagnosis provided is accurate and always ready to guide and help!!! Best wishes!!!

Pushpesh Shintre

Dr Tikoo has performed two successful spine surgeries in 2017 and 2021. I had severe and prolong back pain for over 25 years. Post surgery, I got a new life and relieved from the pain. Apart from being a spine expert, he is an admirable human being and medical consultant. I wish all the success in his life and may his magical hands save many more patients like me . GOD bless him.

Mousumi Mahapatra

Dr. Tikoo is undoubtedly the best spine surgeon. All thanks to his expertise and knowledge, which facilitated my lower back pain recovery in the quickest and shortest time possible.

Anuradha Rangras

The best Doctor I have ever met!. Very compassionate, clear and humble.
God bless him!

Lakshmi Lavekar